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Whether you are un Enterprise, SMB, Government or Educational institution migrating to the cloud may save you time, money and worries. We are ready to help you make the transition to the Cloud by offering you the best consulting service we have built from our significant experience, our natural enthusiasm and our everyday efforts to learn more and stay on the forefront of cloud technologies.

Our team comprises certified architects, developers and talented operators who can provide you with architecture designs, custom Cloud-ready developments and safe operations.

All our profiles are highly specified in Amazon Web Services, but also have on-premises administrative and operative backgrounds.

This polyvalence allows us to also provide non-Cloud related services such as outsourced IT resources, network engineering and information systems administration.

Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner

Technofy is a proud member of The AWS Partner Network. Our high level of AWS expertise allows us to support our customers deploy, run and manage their applications in the AWS Cloud.

Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner

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At Technofy we know the cloud inside and out, and we can help you take advantage of all the benefits Amazon Web Services has to offer.

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Our qualifications

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner we are qualified to teach you the best practices in the Cloud.
Here is a list of our certifications:

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By working closely with Technofy’s cloud architects, our partners are assured their systems are equipped for safe, reliable and scalable deployment to the cloud.