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Technofy is a proud partner of Amazon Web Services

Our certified Cloud & Operations team empower our customers by helping them migrate to and operate in the Cloud. The Creative team provides everything from 3D artwork and UI/UX design to Cloud-ready Web Apps.

Technofy is a proud partner of Amazon Web Services

Partner Testimonials

Meet Niall

Niall connects potential clients of our nearshore service solutions with the resources offered by Technofy. Our clients our largely based in north and west Europe and they are serviced by our Sofia based team.

Niall has over 20 years experience leading and developing scaling and market leading businesses across Europe. This has included several outsourced teams and early stage ventures with operations in Sofia.

Niall’s background is in corporate marketing and management consulting, and he led the early Capital Enterprise (all in London) before founding a now scaling creative ideation platform - He’s a musician, tennis player and devoted father of two daughters.

Reason to work with Technofy

We’re a global solutions partner working with industry leading organisations in the aero space industry.

We’re cloud platform masters and proud members of the AWS Partner Network.

We’re dedicated professionals committed to delivering excellent service to our clients.

We’re an ambitious but close-knit family of experts, specialists and partners.

We invest in talent. Technofy Academy is educating our IT and design stars of the future.

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